Saturday, February 5, 2011


When it comes to plein air painting, the most annoying part for me, is how to deal with curious people. I know I shouldnt feel that way, because in the end, they are just people interested in art and curious to see the process. From my point of view, onlookers are a concentration breaker. Where I'm pulled out of my bubble, and start being too concern about how the painting look at every stage. Anyway, this time, I tried to stay focus. The crowd was just getting bigger and bigger. Like a flock of seagull around a McDonald trash bin. at some point I had to ask the people in front of me to clear out, because I couldn't see the landscape I was trying to paint. Anyway, I think it's a good school, if you need to learn how not to care, Shanghai is THE place to do your plein air painting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Audran, enjoyed your latest watercolours in Shanghai & USA. However my favourite were the Retro. Happy Year of the Rabbit to you and your family. With kind regards Geoffrey.

Audran said...

Thanks Geoffrey and Happy New year! Any chances you visit Shanghai soon?

> said...

Hi Audran,

This reminded me a little of your experience

This quote from the book Shanghai: High Lights, Low Lights, Tael Lights (1936) rings true:
"“Even in the coldest weather, sidewalk business is popular in Shanghai. This is probably because the Chinese will stop to watch anything. If one bends over to fix a shoe lace, he will straighten up to find himself the center of a staring crowd.” "

Audran said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by,
Yeah I found this aspect very disturbing actually, like instant pressure. He seems to thrive on this, and I kinda understand, each brushtrokes is under the scrunity of the crowd, and each brushstroke has the power to destroy or contribute to your sketch. You dont wanna mess up.

People are naturally curious here, and they can talk with anyone anywhere about anything, I whish I could jump in sometime, but my mandarin isnt that good yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Audran, met Jin yesterday afternoon at last. What a surprise I had when he presented me with your wonderful painting. Thank you so much it will be truly treasured and displayed. You will be pleased to learn that he as recruited me for one of his forthcoming lfe art sessions. Once again thank you so much it is a wonderful gift. Take care with kindest regards Geoff