Monday, November 16, 2009

Back with the living

For today's life drawing Alexis came back. I was afraid... very afraid. Mainly because i've never been able to draw her before. But i stayed confident... meaning without any expectations. I kept it simple, kept it light. Focused on the drawing, and watercolor layed at lighting speed. Otherwise I mingle with details and hit my head with endless conundrums. Unexpectedly, before my eyes, she became a muse.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drawing the deads

I found a new activity that i'll try to do at least twice a month. Body Worlds exposition is currently available in Singapore,  from October to March 2010. This is my chance to make some anatomy studies, the way old masters did. Looking at the real stuff. I was a bit uncomfortable when i was thinking about it, having real dead person in front of you can only remind you your own fate. But the opportunity is too great to miss. One day i'll be dead anyway, there is no point hiding from this fact. I took my aquabee sketchbook 11 by 14, 3 waterbrush, one with a diluted ink, some pencils. When i got there, first thing I realized, It's actually not gross at all. The bodies look like sculptures, with a meat texture. Unimpressed I started sketching. They starred at me starring at them, whispering... "One day... it'll be you".

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Darkness with Lee Jia Ling

An interesting session we had yesterday, we turned off all the lights, and kept a small spot on the model. The entire room was plunged in darkness, it was a bit hard to see the paper, pencil mark & washes. But being able to observe the light on the volume was priceless. It was effortless, I was even able to outline them. It's usually difficult to interpret the range of values on a model's body and then simplify it in your mind  before painting it. I am willing to try this again using another spot of light, meaning having 1 spot on each side. It was the second time with Lee Jia. I used my butcher's tray, with Blue Cerulean , Red Cadmium & Raw Sienna or Cadmium yellow light. Paper is Super Deluxe Aquabee 93 lb.