Wednesday, September 19, 2012

and AGAIN!!!

So... its this time of the year again, when I announce another international move. I'm heading back to Montreal. It's the only place on earth I dare call my hometown. It's also the main reason that kept me away from blogging lately, that and another thing I'm working on too... but this is not ready to be publicized yet.

So Montreal here I come, It's been 8 years since I've left. Many must have changed, many things stayed still I'm sure. But It'll be exotic to me, I will discover it with fresh new eyes. I'm really eager to paint autumn, but also will try to paint in winter too. It will be a challenge to keep the water, finger and toes from freezing. Right now, what I'm craving the most, is a juicy smoked meat from Schwartz, which played a very important role in my artistic endeavor. Back then when I was working at Ubisoft, I used to walk from the office to the life drawing session on Ontario Street, and what kept me motivated?  Schwartz!!! Because I would stop on my way and get a snack. So to develop good habit tie it with a little reward. it's doesn't need to be big,
and over time... you may drop the little reward, because in the end the real value & reward is in the activity itself.

How to go to life drawing regularly for 2 years? Get a smoked meat on your way...
How to wake up early? I plunged into espresso & coffee making...
How to go the gym? I go get a massage after 3 sessions...
How to save money and pay bill on time?.... I haven't find anything yet....(i'm open to suggestions)

Anyway, Montreal, I missed you, and here I come!