Friday, July 19, 2013

Cornerstone! - Pascale

I've been drawing a lot recently, and I wanted to go back to the training ground and see how I was faring compared to yesteryear. When the model stroke her first pose, a 1 minute (2nd drawing from the left), I knew it was one of those "cornerstone"moment, … and I wished Frazetta was here. He would have loved to work with her. She got a powerful, curvy and sturdy body. I drew the whole night internally monologuing with Frazetta. He was mostly making fun of my drawings, and sometime smiling with satisfaction.

I left the studio with a new thought on the art of drawing…uh-oh... that I'd like to share :)

Here is a collage of the best 5 drawings. Poses ranged from 1 min to 10min. 

Drawing a model is like… "I hear what you are saying, but let me say it louder for you."
The equivalent in a verbal conversation would be, repeating after someone, with a loud Gospel or Opera voice.


Model: Look at my hip
Artist: LOOoooOOK AT MY HIIiiiIIiiIIIiiiiiP!!!!

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