Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There is something about Tokyo

In a recent trip to Tokyo, I went to one of my favorite spot in Shibuya, to make some quickies. It`s the starbuck in the Tsutaya Building, on the 2nd floor facing crossroad. This is quite a view. The masses of people crossing the street, feels like fluids running one into another. Armed with a dip pen, some india ink, a sable brush and a small Pad, 5x7, New Soho 301 by Maruman. The challenge was there, people walking by, waiting for their light to turn green, sending SMS, or smoking. Often I had to finish the wash from memory remains, or using another model in the scene. I deeply love Tokyo, the culture, the food, the peoples. I cant nail it to word. There is just something about Tokyo... I feel refueled and full of inspiration everytime I drop by.