Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Drawing with Regis Loisel

So I reached Montreal and I didnt loose any time to find a life drawing to join. Lucky me, it's with no other than the great Regis Loisel. I reached the studio not really sure of what to expect, I rang at the door, no answer, I stepped in...walk up the stairs... knock at the door... still no answer, but I was hearing the muffled sound of chit chat. I was just hoping to be at the right place, and not opening the door in a random family house somewhere. I pushed the door... and phew! It was the right place. People where scattered around waiting for the model to arrive. On the walls hundreds of frames hunged everywhere. I was intimidated. The caliber of the people is really high, and for a first timer, I wanted to make a good impression. It was out of question of having a bad session. The model soon arrived and started posing. Fortunately things went well and I was happy with my output. The pressure I put on myself helped me to stay focused. Below is a selection of what I consider the best of my session. 1min to 20min. Meet Veronique!



Ariane Trottier said...

Wow, tes dessins sont super.
Je suis contente de savoir que tu a vite retrouve le rythme.

Zheng Zhang said...

Hi, I am in montreal, I really want to know, where i can join this model drawing workshop, i mean the address, May u send it to me by mail,,,

Thanks a lot,and happy to see your cool painting here. ...