Friday, March 20, 2009

A challenging Challenge!

Farah from Dr Sketchy, came to pose for our thursday life drawing, we wanted her to impersonate a character,and avoid the boring academic approach of nude life drawing. She came in with katana sword, kimono, a  fancy hairdress. Also a Belly dancing outfit. So we threw ourselves in the challenging challenge of art. We're very used to draw the naked body, but the mere fact of covering it with drapery and artefact messed up our heads. I didn't expect it to be so hard, but today I understand more about me. Moreover why I failed so many time painting landscape. Depicting the costume on the model was a matter of lines and textures, coupled with lighting. I guess this is pretty much what happen on landscape too. I need to work on my texturing skill. How to give a feel to the surface I'm painting. dry, sotft, bricks, pavement, sand, old wood, etc... and moreover where to use texture, Edgar Whitney say... Textures happen at the transition of light and dark. I will focus on this. But Farah, you did a great job!

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Joelle said...

Je suis grandement impressionnée par ta grande maîtrise du blanc, par lequel on devine les courbes et les lignes sans qu'il n'y ait le moindre trait... Je sais à quel point tu as travaillé fort pour en arriver à cela, et en voyant ces oeuvres d'une telle sensibilité et beauté, je me dis que l'effort était loin d'être vain!