Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Darkness with Lee Jia Ling

An interesting session we had yesterday, we turned off all the lights, and kept a small spot on the model. The entire room was plunged in darkness, it was a bit hard to see the paper, pencil mark & washes. But being able to observe the light on the volume was priceless. It was effortless, I was even able to outline them. It's usually difficult to interpret the range of values on a model's body and then simplify it in your mind  before painting it. I am willing to try this again using another spot of light, meaning having 1 spot on each side. It was the second time with Lee Jia. I used my butcher's tray, with Blue Cerulean , Red Cadmium & Raw Sienna or Cadmium yellow light. Paper is Super Deluxe Aquabee 93 lb.

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