Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Loosing Mojo

I don't know what to think of my latest attempts. Even Xu Hui couldn't wake my senses. I'm loosing a freshness i had some time ago. At that  particular time, I didn't thought of having any freshness at all. Today looking back at my earlier work, is like a kick in the teeth. It's truly hurt to see stuff that you did but cannot do anymore. I expected a progression. Where am I going with all this. Maybe I should recenter on why I started it all in the beginning. The will to do a Graphic Novel, is the root of my affliction. I will be a restless soul until I fulfill my obsession. End of 2006... this is when it began. I still haven't done that graphic novel. 3 years, in the process of  learning, experimenting with watercolors. I think it's time to do it before I get disgusted. I'm getting super skilled at finding excuses to not start it; Not tonight, too tired, got this new video game, wanna watch a movie and so on and so on... the list is long you wouldn't believe it. But in the end I'm only cheating myself...

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