Sunday, January 17, 2010

Character Dev #2

Again this saturday, went and sat on my desk, with grapefruit juice and Bob Marley. Few days after my previous post on 1938, I was unappealed by the characters I drew. They were stiff, and complicated. The whole week I promised myself to try to simplify them. I like the 3rd Yamamoto, but somehow I can't keep the consistency drawing like this. Unnatural to me. Honda is better than last time, but can be simplify more. The bigger I draw the more complex things are. Like if empty space on the paper was beging for a pencil stroke or a wash. I also felt the need to expand my palette with Raw Sienna, a nice yellow was missing.

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Daniel said...

Very cool! I see the characters' personalities, and they completely overpower their superficial stereotypes. I first see WHO they are, instead of what they are. There's a lot of weariness in the second sketch, I like it. You definitely capture the essence of Murakami's characters in general, I think.

Audran said...

Thanks dude, encouraging, I'll keep going.