Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yielding power

I was on my way home few days ago and quickly sketched this old taxi driver. Depleted by an entire life of hard labor, yet holding the wheel with a firm grip. His arms, pure nerves, yield the Toyota Crown thru the busy streets of Singapore. Safely arriving home, i folded my pad with the firm intention, to constantly wield my brushes the same way, with confidence and intensity. Few days later, I took the sketch and applied watercolors to it. Phtalo Blue & English Red(schimcke). I use a hake brush for 3/4 of the job. I forgot how much I loved this brush. Size is 24x32 cm, on 140lbs Fabriano paper.


Joelle said...

Haha, j'adore

Joelle said...

Haha, j'imagine bien le ptit chauffeur :)