Sunday, September 4, 2011

San Francisco #2

I recently spent few days in San Francisco. I love being there, and that city love me. The diamond sparkling sidewalk and the beauty of the constant changing light from sunshine to fog in half a minute. With countless waves of panhandlers with each a unique way of approaching you. I've joined Dr Sketchy to wash down some tequila and shuffle my brushes. The highlight of that trip was the quest for the perfect burritos, and I think I found it at La Corneta on Diamond street. Steak & Shrimp, serious $%@%$! I also discover a great breakfeast place, Pinecrest Diner. They have a mean Reuben. Already looking forward to get there again.

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henrychau said...

I really liked your youtube videos, any chance you will do more?

Audran said...

Someone ask me the same question on youtube, was it you?