Monday, March 26, 2012

What happened in SF wont stay in SF

I was sitting in San Francisco, one of my favorite city (#2 after Tokyo, but don't tell SF), at Sushi Boat, a sushi restaurant on Geary, Eating my favorite food, Sashimi, (from Edo AKA Tokyo, don't tell SF), drinking Sake...and I got in the mood. I wanted to paint. Groovy music was softly blasting, Lalo Shiffrinesque, It was like living in Bullit or Dirty Harry. My head was wobbling, It was time for a new cornerstone. I asked the waiter to change place, ordered another Sake, then unfold my arsenal. I started sketching, with one thing in mind "no corrections".(undo is the worst thing ever... after Hitler) What if we could undo Hitler.... then undo would be #1 on my list. Anyway, I kept sketching and started painting. For the first time in my life, I was in total communion with watercolors. We didn't argue, at least not very much. I gave her room, she rewarded me, I kept going. In the end I was left with one of the best experience on-site painting I've ever had.

PS:Jin, if you are reading this... I wish you were here.

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ariane.trottier said...

J'adore les couleurs, bravo