Friday, May 23, 2008

Johanna and my Custom 823

Yesterday was quite exhilarating, Johanna posing was superbe, and I was in the zone. I left all my watercolors gears at home. I just had a pad and a my new foutain pen, Pilot Custom823. Medium nib. Expectations were low. I was there just to draw. During longer poses, I borrowed from Yannick a brush and few drops of india ink, 2 smalls glass container, one with clear water and the other with diluted ink. I believe yesterday was one of my favorite session so far. Directly drawing with ink is unforgivable, so one really think before touching the paper with the nib. Once the line is on the paper, it is there to stay, so you have to deal with it, and compose with them as you proceed in the blank of the paper. The lines drawings are 1 minute poses. and the inked ones are 5 minutes poses. I like the way the non waterproof ink smugded when I passed the wet brush. The paper is Lana Esquisse sketchpad, 96g/m², not made for watermedia, but still held pretty well.

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