Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in Asia

So everything is cleared, I will be moving back to Asia end of June. I will leave the pretty mountains of the french alps, for the sunshine and lush sceneries of Singapore. I've been very fortunate with my job and my family, to be able to travel around the globe. Following the advice of John Singer Sargent, "Above all things, get abroad, see the sunlight, and everything that is to be seen...". I'm very excited about it, painting outdoor can be done all year. Plus it's a very nice city, a lot of subject. Annecy is very nice too, but unfortunetly to many tourist during the summer make it quite difficult to find a quiet place to paint alone. I hate having someone over my shoulder talking about his nephew studying fine art in Paris. There are times I'm glad to carry an ipod. Anyway... end of June, Back in Asia, and very positive about it.

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