Sunday, May 31, 2009

Apple's Day on Arab Street

I was walking the streets of Singapore today, with my 2years old son. He fell asleep and I sat down in a small turkish restaurant. I ordered a double-apple shisha and a big cold apple tea. Apple all the way. The view was very charming in front of me, vintage Singapore was talking with splash of colors. I subdued and pull out my brushes and watercolors, asked the server to bring me a big jug of plain water then started sketching. 40 min later, my son woke up. I ordered a fresh pressed apple juice for him... Apple all the way. It kept him busy for 10 min so I could do some last touch up. The original is 8x11 inches in size. The scan has a very different feel to it. I've done this one in my Super Deluxe Bee paper, 93lb with a textured surface with an excellent tooth.

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