Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm getting there.

Today I've done two pieces, the fist one, is a study after JS Sargent. Zattere Rio Eremite, Venice 1904. I understood many things while doing this piece, especially how water reflection need to be of a surgical precision. After this 30min test, my palette was wet, my arm was relaxed and my mind willing for another challenge, I looked at Sargent study of the Spanish Dancer, I started sketching it, but then I noticed my wife perfectly still working on her computer. Gotcha! I quickly erase my pencil lines, and started with swift movement a drawing of Joelle. Keeping in mind my friend Wayne's advise. "Speed and good drawing at the same time". After few minute, I was ok with the sketch, seeing some mistake but didnt want to retouch them. I rectify them during the watercolors pass. My main regret is the upper chest area, it should have been much brighter. I really like her gaze and her right shoulder, the soft gradient describing the volume. The likeness is quite there too. I'm very surprised. Oh by the way, today i tried a new set of colors too. After I got John Pike book on Watercolors, I changed my palette arrangement. I'v discovered the Thalo Blue. I really like it mixed with ultramarine, Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber that's how I've done the hair.

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